Thursday, 14 January 2010

Don't Shop While You're Hungry!

When you want to lose a few - or even more than a few! - pounds, snacking is something to avoid.  The goal is to eat real meals at real mealtimes and concentrate on eating them properly and enjoying them. Snacks are not real meals, people don't eat them at real mealtimes or concentrate on eating them properly - so most of the time they don't enjoy them either.

Avoiding snacking isn't difficult, but it sometimes takes guile, ingenuity and forethought.

Don't shop when you're hungry!  I know that a lot of people use up their lunch hour shopping.  I also know that they gobble down a lot of junk food - one or two sandwiches, a packet of cakes, and a fizzy drink - very fast whilst they push the trolley.  That isn't eating, it's fuelling up with snack foods that contain a lot of calories and have no nutritional value.

If you have to shop for food in your lunch hour, try to arrange to eat before you go so that you aren't tempted to snack your way round the supermarket.  Most people have a quarter of an hour break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Take a couple of sandwiches from home, and eat them in break times.  Slowly.

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