Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It's Really Very Difficult to 'Steal' Something...

When you're trying hard to lose weight, the whole world is full of temptation  - and that's particularly true if you're living in a house full of people who don't need to lose any weight, and actually need the biscuits and snacks you're trying to avoid eating yourself.

Obviously, you can't just stop buying snack food because you don't want to eat it yourself.  That isn't just unfair, it's a bad idea.  And the usual ploy of putting snack foods away of sight or storing it in relatively inaccessible places won't work well either if people have become used to coming home from school or work and helping themselves to something to 'tide them over' until the real food lands on the table.

The easiest way around this problem - and it really is a problem for a lot of people - is to fall back on one of the  inhibitions that was dinned into your head when you were a child, and use it. 

It's wrong to steal.  You get into trouble if you become a thief.  People don't like or trust thieves. 

You know that, and I know it, and everybody else knows it, and in fact very few people can bring themselves to overcome that inhibition and take something that belongs to someone else - particular if that someone else is a child.

So if a tin of biscuits is labelled 'David's Biscuits', or 'Elaine's Cakes', you can't eat them without asking permission can you?  Because they aren't yours, are they? And you aren't a thief, are you?

Some inhibitions are very good for you.  They can make shedding a few pounds a lot easier.  Use them!

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