Monday, 31 May 2010

Ask Yourself Some Questions

You can be quite unhappy without knowing why.

You can want to change something without knowing quite what.

You can want to change three or more specific things, but dither about changing any of them because you can't make your mind up where to start.

One way out of this maze of not knowing and indecision is to ask yourself questions, because if you ask yourself questions it's likely that you'll get much more than you expect or bargain for by answering them.

Want to see? Print this post, then write out the answers to these questions. Take your time! It's likely you'll have to think about some of them...

  • If you work, does your work satisfy you? If not, why not?

  • If you are a home-maker, are you satisfied with your role? If not, why not?

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • What would you like to do that you are not doing now?

  • What is stopping you doing those things?

  • What steps do you think you could take to make those things a reality in the future?

  • What do you want out of life?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years time?

  • What are the bad habits you would like to overcome?

  • What are your weaknesses that can be worked on?

  • What are your strengths that can be worked with?

  • What would you like to achieve in the short term?

  • What are your long-term goals?

  • Do you have overly high, or overly low, expectations of yourself and others?

  • If so, where do you believe those expectations originated?

  • In what kinds of situations do you most readily lose control?

  • In which situations are you best able to keep self-control?

  • How would you describe yourself?

  • Which of your feelings, thoughts, or behaviours would you like to change?

  • What benefits do you believe you would gain from understanding yourself better?

  • If suddenly one morning you discovered that your biggest problem had disappeared and no longer troubled you, what would be different?

If you answer these questions as honestly as you can, you'll likely get some insight right away - and perhaps will be able to ask yourself some more questions, and get some further insight into where you want to go, and who you want to be, and what you really want to achieve.

Bear in mind though, that your unconscious mind will continue to process both your questions and your answers for some time, so that fresh questions, different answers to the old ones, new ideas, solutions to problems (and perhaps gradual changes in habits or attitudes) will occur quite naturally over a period and continue to manifest themselves for several weeks or months afterwards without your necessarily being conscious of the reasons for them.

Which is the beauty of asking yourself questions...

Emily -

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