Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Something is Always Greasy in the Kitchen

It can take a very long time to thoroughly clean a proper working kitchen, the heart of the house.

And when you get done - even if you've taken off every door, and cleaned every hinge, and moved every possible thing out of every possible space, and swept and polished all the nooks and crannies, and painted everything that isn't moving - you can still pick up something very small, and find that it's greasy.

The something small is usually something very useful, something that you use all the time - a herb or a spice - and whatever is inside that greasy little jar is just as useful and beautiful as it ever was, and never mind the state of the outside of the jar.

Nobody is perfect. No matter how hard we work on ourselves, we all have two or three greasy jars tucked away somewhere. And usually there's something useful and beautiful somewhere inside them.

Emily - http://www.therapypartnership.com

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