Sunday, 5 June 2011


This week in Ibiza has been a week of considerable change for most of us in one way or another, and change can be something that many find difficult, awkward and at times frustrating.

This weekend is always a big weekend on the island it is the unofficial start of the season, the sun is a certainty, the clubs re-open and the island sees the first sizeable wave of tourists here to soak up the sun and everything else that this magical island has to offer.

Be it family holidays, clubbing holidays, yoga retreats or a romantic get away. They subconsciously dump their stress; low energy and drudgery of daily life at home whilst simultaneously soaking up all the positives that Ibiza is able to give them. Many of us rely on them, some of us dread them and some feel a little in the middle of the two.

However what we cannot argue with is that this weekend marks the beginning of a different Ibiza until it all changes again towards the end of September. It is important that as residents living here the whole year around we look after ourselves and be aware of how this change may affect us emotionally as well as practically, as visitors it is also important to be aware of the change that is also going on for you. Two weeks holidaying in Ibiza, or anywhere else for that matter can bring up loads of thoughts that you simply have not had time to think at home, processing them can at times be overwhelming.

This is a change that we are expecting we know its coming and yet that transition can still be daunting, exciting, rewarding and frustrating. But this week has seen another change, a change that many of us especially those in the north of the island will have to get used to for some time to come.

A change that we were not expecting and certainly did not want. The fire that broke out on Wednesday 25th May close to San Juan has undoubtedly changed the scenery of Ibiza probably for years to come, but it has also changed lives, emotions and expectations for the future and this is maybe where talking about your attitudes to change and what it means to you could go a long way to helping you adjust to the changes that have happened and are happening both to the island as a whole and to you as an individual.

The events of this weekend are a shared experience and it’s good to talk to others about theirs to gain a better understanding of your own.

From a therapeutic point of view the subject of change tends to come up at some point during sessions, what change means to you and how you react to and with it can give you a much clearer insight into yourself allowing you to understand your responses and attitudes in a way that you might not have done in the past.

This is my first article for the Ibiza Sun as their resident counsellor, I have been practising for over eight years and will be here every two weeks to respond to your letters on any subject of your choice, they can be anonymous and no identifying material will be published.

Sharing your thoughts on this page could also be helping someone else in a similar situation who feels isolated and alone so please do take the time to become part of this column and I look forward to receiving your e mails.

Kate -

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