Monday, 25 July 2011

It's Good To Talk … Again

Thank you again to everyone who has shown an interest in the column, the letter below is a response to a letter that was originally published in the 29th June 2011 with a response, I have since heard from the lady concerned and thought you may be interested in how she is progressing.

The link for those on line is
for those not on line a quick recap – a lady wrote to me saying she had been living in Europe for some time and was finding it difficult to accept her self, which was making her feel as if she had made the wrong choice in leaving home.

Hello Kate, 

Thank you for your response to my letter. I appreciate all the things you wrote, it seems you really understood what I was saying and what I feel. It is hard being here at times and like you said I will have my highs and my lows so I should just focus on the highs. Without the family I am living with I know I would have gone back home a while ago.. But at times without the security of my family and my old home it can be hard.

In regards to the insecurities I've had for a long time I think it's mainly feeling very outcast ... I don't really know how to explain it exactly but I've always just felt disconnected and I guess that’s why I went overseas; as to find a way to become reconnected.

Things are getting better rather than worse though which is good but I always fear I will slip into the feeling of despair again and that thought always worries me. Like you said though, with time things will get better and I truly believe that.. So I will focus on that I think.. 
Thank you again Kate for listening... I have never expressed my feelings to such detail before...

(This reply has been slightly edited to ensure anonymity.)

Thank you for your letter and I am glad that some of the things written were useful to you. It seems as if you have more time to reflect and process what we have spoken about and what you would like to do in the future. It is great that you are staying with a supportive family though understandable that at times being with a great family must remind you of home a little more and that can be hard, but maybe you could talk to one of the adults and let them know how you are feeling and that you might need more support emotionally at certain times when you are finding things a little more difficult.

You say you have always felt outcast and disconnected I am wondering from whom? It sounds as if you are very close to your family so could it be friends at school/college? As I said previously you made a brave choice to come overseas and it sounds as if you are very connected with your host family, have you been able to make any friends since arriving? I wonder if being in a new country and meeting people with whom you have a blank canvass has made a difference to the way you connect with them. I feel that your confidence is growing and as that happens it simultaneously becomes easier to cope with the pressures of being away from loved ones.

You are doing really well and I am so pleased that you were able to express yourself by writing to me, sometimes it is easier to write then talk and keeping a journal maybe something that will help you reflect on how things are going and give you some self support if it’s difficult to talk to those around you.

Please take care and I hope that life overseas continues to improve for you and that I am sure that this experience will give you the confidence to connect with people and forge long lasting relationships that will continue long into the future.

All the best

Please keep the emails coming this is your page and remember you could be helping someone else by airing your concerns.

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