Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's Good To Talk ... @ Christmas

There is no letter this week so I wanted to talk about Christmas and being away from home. For some deciding to leave the UK and make a new life in Ibiza is an escape from somewhere they didn’t want to be, no looking back, no sentimentality. Whilst for others even being safe in the knowledge that they are doing what they feel is right it can still be a huge wrench leaving family, friends and familiar surroundings.

December is a time when often minds wander back to family and friends. What are they all doing, how is the build up to the big day going have they been ice skating, looked at the festive lights, been to Santa’s grotto, remembered to open the advent calendar and woe betide them if they forget to leave the whisky and carrots out for Santa and his reindeer!
All these traditions that happen somehow can feel very different when taken out of context Christmases in Ibiza are different. Firstly the sun is bright, there is a chance that on Christmas morning you could be walking along the beach on a glorious day when part of you might be thinking where’s the snow, the cold, my wooly scarf and bobble hat.

So how do we adjust? How do we manage our expectations so that what ever happens, however Christmas transpires we feel comfortable with the choices we have made. I suppose this is where it all starts…..with the choices we have made and if somehow we can take a moment to breath, sit back and reflect on those choices we can find ourselves becoming much more confident in them and the expectations they have created within us, or more correctly the expectations we have created within ourselves.

In some ways expectations are like rules, i.e. they are made to be broken. Sometimes it may seem like so much is riding on our plans, will the table look just right , the turkey cooked to perfection, and the gifts wrapped perfectly. Sometimes those expectations are met and often they are not but it is how we choose handle the outcome that decides weather the day is a triumph or a nightmare.
Personally I find that a sense of humour goes a long way to ensuring the first option, weighing up the importance of all the practical vs. spending quality time with people we care about and whose company we enjoy far outweighs neatly wrapped presents and perfect brussle sprouts.

So whatever your reasons for being on this wonderful island over Christmas maybe focusing on the positives, the bright sunshine on a crisp December day, the amazing sunsets, the beautiful walks and the freshest of local produce will go some way to remind you of what you have achieved by simply being here.

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