Monday, 13 February 2012

It's Good To Talk - When Heading Back To Britain

Dear It’s Good to Talk

We have been in Ibiza for 17 years and till about two years ago we enjoyed living here, work in the summer has always been full on and very tiring but then we have been able to chill out and relax in the winter.

The last two years me and my wife have become very restless and have decided that it’s probably time to head back to the UK. The island has begun to feel very small and we are now looking forward to starting again back home.

The thing that worries us is that both the kids were born here, they have only ever been to the UK for holidays and see Ibiza as home, one of them is quite excited about living in the UK but the other, who is 14, really is against the idea and wants to stay here with his friends.

What do you think we should do to make the transition as easy as possible for him?

Thank you


Thank you for your letter. It seems as if you and your wife have taken your decision to move very seriously and considered it for a long period of time before finally deciding that the best thing is to move back to the UK.

Change is difficult for many people and most of us resist it at some time in our lives, especially if it’s a change over which we have no control. Your son is at a very vulnerable time in his life, all sorts of things are going on aged 14 and friends become a top priority often over family, and it can be distressing to think about having to leave them.

I am not sure of the time line you have in place for moving back, is there time to put some things in place for your son? For example would it be possible to have one or maybe two trips back to the UK before the actual move, so he can see the area in which you are going to live, maybe visit the new school and if possible make contact with a few of his classmates so there are some familiar faces for when he arrives on his first day. Does he have any hobbies or sports that he enjoys playing? Maybe you could see if there are any local groups he could join and visit them as well. I imagine it would make him much more comfortable if he knew there were some positives in place for him and he had a mental picture of where he was going.

Have you asked him what worries him about moving? Would it be possible to arrange for a friend from Ibiza to come and stay during the holidays and possibly for him to come back for a stay with them, that way he has something to look forward to.

You do not mention your other child much except to say they seem quite excited about the move. Even though this maybe the case they may also have some apprehensions and anxieties so and open discussion with both the children, letting them see that both of you also have concerns even though you feel it is the best thing for all of you, may really help you to make this move together as a team.

I hope the move goes well and that live in the UK is all that you hope.

Warm regards

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