Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Don't Let Embarrassment Ruin Your Life

A couple of years ago now Emily and I had a 'clutch' of people who turned up within a few days of each other with the same problem.  That was unusual in itself,  because - in an average month - at least sixty per cent of the people we see have 'no-two-alike problems'. But the problem itself was even more unusual - at least to us, then - because we had never dealt with it before, and had never had any occasion to think seriously about it.

Our 'clutch' was made up of adult men who wet the bed - not occasionally, or because they had had too much to drink, but on a regular basis, and sometimes every night.  And they had been wetting the bed regularly all their lives.

We did a lot of research and listened to a lot of stories over quite a period - and it wasn't a happy picture.  Our 'clutch' - in common with a lot of people just like them - lived very constricted lives.  They didn't stay with friends, have friends to stay with them, invite people into their homes, take what we would think of as ordinary holidays, or have what we would think of as being ordinary and natural sexual relationships with other people.  They socialised very little, and worried about the smell of urine in their homes, on their clothes and on them quite a lot.  Their whole lives revolved about keeping a secret that they would have been better off never to have kept in the first place.
Adult bedwetting isn't rare, and it certainly isn't incurable, but - like a lot of other things - it's something that people are often too embarrassed to talk about.  Sadly, many adult bedwetters are only discovered and treated when they are hospitalised or incarcerated.

Whatever problems you have, you should never be too embarassed to talk, explain, and ask for help. Embarrassment isn't something that you should allow to ruin your life.

- Bill

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