Saturday, 9 January 2010

Not What You Eat - More The Way You Eat It

Every once in a while somebody comes up with a new diet, and lots of people buy the book, follow the instructions for week or so, and then give up - often because the diet is too restricted, and/or they don't like the food they're supposed to live on.

Obviously, if your Doctor puts you on a diet then you need to be on a diet, but if it's just a case of dropping a few pounds to fit comfortably into your clothes then all you need to do is to eat correctly.

Diet books never tell you this, but sadly the 'telephone line' between your stomach and your brain isn't on speed dial - which means that it takes a while for the message to get through that you've actually had enough to eat.

If you 'bolt' your food rather than eating it properly then you have lots of time to eat too much - and when the message finally arrives (via that uncomfortable, bloated feeling!) you've already eaten too much.  And, of course, it really doesn't matter then whether the food in question was 'low calorie' or not, because you've still eaten too much of it.

If you chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, put down your knife and fork (or your sandwich) between mouthfuls, and concentrate on eating rather than trying to do some else at the same time (like watching television or reading a book, for example) then the message will get through in good time. 

Always assuming that you listen to the message, and stop eating immediately you get it, you will never eat too much - and, over a period, you'll lose your extra pounds.  I say 'over a period', because it took some time to put those pounds on, and it's going to take some time to get rid of them.

Losing weight shouldn't be a 'no pain, no gain' activity.  Eating is pleasurable - something to be savoured and enjoyed.  And if you eat correctly, and stop eating immediately your body says 'Enough!' then you can enjoy the food you like without worrying about gaining weight - or dieting.

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