Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Nearly Spring - Time to Get Into the Swim

If you're often tempted to wander about in your garden or the park looking for shoots and leaves, are tempted to ask flowering bulbs in markets and shops about the health and whereabouts of their invisible relatives, and have an obsessive-compulsive desire to clean the windows or turn out the attic, then you have Spring Fever.

If can't get interested in the sale of winter clothing (however cheap), and keep telling yourself that it really is a lot warmer today despite the fact that the news, the weather forecast and the thermometer in the shed all tell you that isn't so, then you have it badly.

This is not, alas, something that be cured by chocolate. But you can take action.

Slow, dark, rainy January days pass more quickly if you are busy anticipating better days - and this is a good time to keep yourself busy anticipating better days by getting some exercise.  As no one really wants to go out running or cycling - or even walking - in the weather we've all been having, swimming is your best option.

Quite apart from the fact that swimming is great heart-lung exercise and makes you feel really good (to say nothing of extremely clean!), doing it will enable you to find out whether your swimming gear still fits well.  And that's quite important, because if it doesn't fit well now, it isn't likely that it's going to fit well in June, is it?

If you begin to get some gentle, toning, exercise now, you won't need to bother about whether things are going to fit you come June.  And you can meet some new people, feel a lot more positive, and pass some useful, healthy, time.  And the daffoldils will be out before you know it.

Emily - http://www.therapypartnership.com/ 

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