Thursday, 21 January 2010

Positive Thinkers - a Group With the Right Idea

I was cruising around on LinkedIn yesterday, and found an entire Group devoted to positive thinking. The Group description stated that it was for optimistic people who believed in the power of positive thinking, and who concentrated on the good rather than the bad.

I was absolutely enchanted!  Bill and I are hypnotherapists.  We don't push that fact down people's throats - but we are.  And hypnotherapists have to spend an awful lot of time convincing people to be positive and confident before they can even begin to deal with all the other problems those people want to address.

Levels of positivity and confidence determine how well people deal with life - how they react to what happens to them.  And no-one needs a therapist to learn how to use positive thinking to become more positive and enhance their confidence.  Anyone with a library ticket, or access to a bookshop or the internet can do it by themselves.

Look up positive thinking!  You'll find you can do yourself a power of good, change your whole attitude, and be a healthier happier person by learning to take some very simple steps.

Emily -

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