Wednesday, 27 January 2010

You Don't Need Drugs to Become a Knight to Remember

Every time I check my e-mail I get a bunch of adverts advising me that I would be a Knight to Remember if only I would send off to some dodgy dealer somewhere for Viagra, or Cialis, or Levitra, or some natural equivalent that probably consists of bicarbonate of soda - or something much nastier.

It probably happens to you, too (actually, Emily gets them addressed to her personally, which has to make you wonder whether somebody somewhere might not be quite up to speed) because literally billions of these e-mails go whizzing through cyberspace every year for the very good reason that they're aimed at a huge market.

Erectile disfunction is a very common problem for a lot of men - all of whom take it very seriously, and many of whom will go to any lengths to make the problem go away.

I say 'go to any lengths', but quite often 'any lengths' doesn't include the most sensible option - which is a visit to a doctor to find out whether there's some underlying organic cause for the fact that Willy won't come out to play any more.  And there are a lot of potential underlying organic causes, some of which are major causes for concern - like impending heart disease.

The moral here is, of course, that it really isn't a good idea to respond to spam - and resort to drugs! - before you've had somebody professionally qualified confirm that you don't have a problem apart from the one you already know about. 

And once you've had that welcome confirmation, there are cheaper, safer, and better options than drugs.

Erectile disfunction is often psychological.  In other words one failure leads to another because people come to expect failure, to anticipate it, visualise it - and make it happen.

Hypnosis can alter expections, change responses, and make it possible for people to anticipate and achieve success in this and host of other areas.  It isn't the only way to go - but it's a good option because it's relatively fast-acting.  Positive thinking and creative visualisation are slower - but they can be the building blocks of success, too.

If you've got this problem, see your doctor and put your mind at rest.  Then you can think about what you want to do next.

Bill -

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