Thursday, 4 February 2010

Do The Thing That Scares You

Everybody gets scared.  Everybody gets scared by, or of, something every day.  Being scared is nothing to be ashamed of.  Actually it's an important defence mechanism that's intended to keep people safe, out of danger - alive.

But sometimes that defence mechanism gets out of hand, and becomes too protective.  And allowing that to happen is a very bad idea, because fear can then take over and begin to dictate your behaviour.  Good example: some people allow themselves to develop a fear of open spaces that - over time - becomes acute.  Eventually, they are effectively trapped by their own fear in their own homes.  No lunches or dinners out.  No parties.  No weddings.  No visits to parks or museums or cinemas or shops or beaches. No walks with the dog - or the children.  No sunny days in the garden.  Just a house - where quite often all the curtains are drawn to shut out the outside.   

It's quite possible to get so scared of something, or of doing something, that whole areas of your life become coloured and determined by that fear.  And your life becomes narrower, and less enjoyable as a result.

The important thing to understand about fear is that it tends to vanish if it is confronted, and nothing bad happens as a result of that confrontation.

If something scares you - and believe me plenty of things scare me! - confront it.  If you confront your fear, you will vanquish it, it will disappear, and you will be free to live your life to the full.  It isn't easy to take that first step, but you'll never regret doing the thing that scares you.  And you can always ask a friend to help you take that important first step.  Your friend is scared of something, too - and maybe you can help in return!

Bill -

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