Monday, 8 February 2010

Happiness isn't Hard to Find - But You Have to Play the Game

I think you find happiness by looking around and recognising that there are a lot of people who a lot less fortunate than you are in so very many ways.

I think you can find it by helping other people, and thinking less about yourself and your own problems.

I think you can find it by being positive and looking to the future rather than the past.

I think you can find it by accepting all the good things that each day has to offer and consigning all its negatives to the bin.

Life continually deals everyone a new hand of cards every day. It's up to you how you play each of your hands. Every hand can be a winner - but not if you decide to fold rather than play. However bad it looks, you have to play every hand out with the firm intention of winning. If you do that, you may not scoop the pot every day - but you'll never be a loser either.

Emily -

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