Saturday, 6 February 2010

Where Do You Find Happiness?

I found a blog today at Self Improvement Blogger .  Well, to tell the truth, Emily found it.

It has a lot going for it - lots of books, lots of interesting stuff - and it's worthwhile looking at it and reading your way through what people have written - but I was struck by one particular comment that had been posted by 'Admin'.  The post read "Is there a way to achieve happiness?  I hope the answer isn't religious texts."

Which is a pretty peculiar comment whichever way you look at it - not least because quite a lot of people do find a degree of happiness (or at least peace of mind!) through religious texts.  Particularly - and sometimes only! - when someone dear to them has died, or they fear that they are dying themselves.

Personally, I think you should grab happiness with both hands wherever you find it - and I don't think that it's something that can be 'achieved'.

You can strive to be promoted, or rich, or famous - and sometimes you can 'achieve' any one or all of those things - but happiness is not something that can be 'achieved'. 

Obviously, you can be happy if you have 'achieved' something, but mostly happiness is a gift that you get from someone else or from the world around you. 

Frosty mornings make horses ridiculously happy.  Windy days make cats ecstatically happy.  Lots of people and lots of (actually very small!) things can make human beings ridiculously or ecstatically happy.

There's no point in trying to 'achieve' happiness.  You just need to accept it and enjoy it when it's given to you.

Spring flowers soon ...

Bill -

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