Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hypnosis - It Takes Two To Tango

People are always asking us whether we can hypnotise everyone. The answer is that it takes two to tango - so no, we can't hypnotise everyone. We can only hypnotise people who want to co-operate and participate in what is really a joint venture.

Some people - usually people who have taken on board all the myths about hypnosis (or watched a lot of those movies that Hammer Horror Studios used to specialise in!) - find it hard to co-operate and participate until we've explained a few things. Like:
  • No, you won't lose control.
  • No, you won't reveal your innermost secrets.
  • No, you won't accept suggestions unless you want to.
  • Yes, you will hear everything we say.
  • No, hypnosis is not sleep.
  • Yes, you will certainly 'wake up'!
After which, of course, hypnosis becomes a real possibility and (in due course) an enjoyable and useful exercise that that those people look forward to - and want to learn to use for themselves at home.

Other people, sadly, see the whole venture as a battle of wills, and don't want to co-operate or participate. At which point, I'm afraid, we cease to want to co-operate or participate, too. Thankyou, goodnight, goodbye and good-riddance. We are not in the business of being protagonists in some unknown cause.

If you think you can benefit from hypnosis - and there are an awful lot of benefits to be had from hypnosis - forget all the myths and the movies. Hypnosis really isn't a step into unknown territory.

  • Everybody falls into a hypnotic state every night just before they fall asleep and every morning when they begin to wake up.
  • Everybody can fall into the same state sitting in the garden digesting Sunday lunch, or sitting in a deckchair watching the sea.
  • A lot of people can do it whilst jogging or showering or ironing - or, alas, driving on monotonous motorways (try not to do that!).
Hypnosis is really just a very pleasant state of total relaxation.

Not romantic. Not a thriller-diller. Nothing to keep you up nights munching crisps and glued to the screen. Almost boring, really.

A session with a hypnotherapist will allow you to enjoy a pleasant daydream or two - and allow your chosen therapist to talk your unconscious mind into helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

But remember: it takes two to tango. You can learn to do it without us - but we can't do without you!

Bill -

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