Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bad News and Winter Blues

This winter seems to have gone on forever - and we are living, as they say, in interesting times. And very depressing it can be.

Getting up to more lousy weather - and more bad news on the radio or the television first thing in the morning! - isn't a recipe for facing the day in a cheerful and optimistic frame of mind, and it certainly doesn't encourage anyone to leap out of bed and rush down to the gym or go for a quick run round the park.

The real trouble, though, is that Bad News and Winter Blues makes staying positive and determined and motivated very difficult - particularly if a person has something important that they need to do.

Bad News and Winter Blues can make a mountain out of a molehill.

If you have something important that you need to do - and are suffering from Bad News and Winter Blues and have come to the point where you have begun to think that you really can't do something that you need to do - make a list of all things that you have done or overcome successfully in the past (and that you probably thought at the time you couldn't do!) and take a really good look at it.

Then think about- and remember - the taste of success.

Forget the weather and the bad news: 'I did that - so I can do this' is the mental place to go if you have something that you need to do now.

Emily -

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